ILLINOIS – 24-year-old Nova Henry and her 10-month-old daughter, Ava, were found shot to death inside their South Loop townhouse in January 2009. Henry’s 3-year-old son Noah, who also was Curry’s child, was found in the town house unharmed. Nova is the sister of Ryan Henry from Black Ink Chicago.

A jury had convicted a Chicago attorney of murdering former NBA center Eddy Curry’s ex-girlfriend and infant daughter in 2009.

Fredrick Goings showed no reaction when the jury’s guilty verdict was read Tuesday in the January 2009 shooting deaths of 24-year-old Nova Henry and her and Curry’s 10-month-old daughter, Ava.

Goings represented Nova in a child custody case against the former Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks and Miami Heat center, and was also romantically involved with her. Prosecutors say Nova tried to end her relationship with Goings and moved out with her and Curry’s two children.

Curry, who played for China at the time, didn’t testify.

Nova’s mother, Yolan Henry, expressed relief after the hearing. Yolan Henry testified that she found her surviving grandson, Noah, with the bodies of his sister and mother, and that he told her, “Fredrick did it.”

Attorneys for Goings maintained that he was innocent and said there was no physical evidence linking him to the killings.