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On August 5, 2006, Lori Boffman was last seen driving away from her residence on Holly Drive in Girard, Ohio. She had won $1,000 in the lottery the day before her disappearance and had ordered five hundred dollars’ worth of food for a party, but she never came back to pay for the food or pick it up.

Nickname or Alias:Lori Ann Stubbs
Missing From:Girard, Ohio
Missing Since:August 5, 2006
Missing Age:45
Current Age:59
Weight:180 lbs
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Brown

Lori went to a supermarket to buy food for a large party and picnic at a nearby park. While attending the picnic family expressed concern with her mental stability. She was talking and acting erratically, which could possibly be explained by a change in medication. Lori took medication for diabetes and anxiety, one of which she was still adjusting to. She had left the party with a friend in her vehicle.

Lori was still in an abnormal state after the party. She left her purse, medicine and identification at home. She was driving so erratically that the friend who was with her asked to be let out, and she dropped him off and continued on alone. Her loved ones stated she appeared to be in a bad mood and was exhibiting “unstable behavior.”

On August 5, 2006, Lori Boffman was last seen driving away from her residence on Holly Drive in Girard, Ohio.
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At 5:30 a.m. the next day, Lori’s blue 1992 Mercury Sable was found on the lawn in front of a library near Shehy Street on the east side of Youngstown, Ohio. It had been involved in a minor traffic collision. The keys were in the ignition, the engine was running and the door was open, but there was no sign of Lori at the scene. She left her eyeglasses and some papers in her vehicle and has never been heard from again.

She left behind three children, and it’s uncharacteristic of her to abandon them. Dallas, Texas officials are investigating Lori Boffman’s disappearance; she has relatives living in that city and may try to get in touch with them.

Lori Boffman wears her hair in dread locks. She wears glasses and has a scar on her abdomen. She may also go by the name of Lori Ann Stubbs.

If you have any information concerning this person, please contact your local FBI office, the nearest American Embassy or Consulate, and Liberty Township Police Department.

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