Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

A North Carolina woman is missing and her family is searching for answers. Meanwhile, her husband has allegedly been uncooperative with the investigation of his wife’s disappearance and is accused of stealing a car and fleeing authorities.

39-year-old Kiera Wiggins was reported missing on June 18. According to her mother, Lora Beamon, the last time she spoke to her daughter was on Mother’s Day. She told the station she became worried when no one was able to reach Wiggins. Wiggins is known as “Booboo” to her loved ones.

“Booboo misses a call from somebody, she’s gonna call [back]. There’s something not right about this picture. Something is not going right,” Beamon told the station.

According to her family, Wiggins’ husband, Carl Wiggins, has refused to answer any questions about her disappearance.

“I said, ‘Where’s my sister?'” Wiggins’s older sister Judy Murray said. “He said, he tells me, ‘She’s with some friend.’ I said, ‘Well, tell me the friend so I can contact them to get my sister.’ And then he just blew up.”

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On Wednesday, 49-year-old Carl Wiggins, was arrested. He allegedly stealing a car out of Bladen County, North Carolina after his wife’s disappearance. Carl Wiggins was also wanted for questioning in her disappearance. He was taken into custody after allegedly leading police on a car and foot chase.

“Until we find the body dead or alive, we got to have hope that we’ll find her alive,” Sampson County Sheriff Jimmy Thornton said.

Now, with Carl Wiggins in custody, both authorities and his wife’s family are hoping for answers.

“I’m sure she’s not with us no more, but let us find her body and put her at rest,” Murray said to reporters. “We’re looking. Baby girl, we’re going to find you one way or the other. One way or the other, baby girl, we’re looking.”

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