Mon. Jun 5th, 2023

Florida rapper 23-year-old Rod Wave allegedly choked his ex-girlfriend in front of their children because he suspected her of speaking to other men, according to reports.

The rising rhymer was arrested on an assault warrant from 2021 during a traffic stop earlier this month, just as his new album was slated for release.

According to St. Petersburg police, Wave went to his ex-girlfriend’s Osceola County home and angrily accused her of seeing other men. The pair were not a couple at the time, the woman told cops.

He then allegedly attacked her in front of their two children, throttling her until she couldn’t breathe.

Wave left the scene and returned to accuse her of stealing his cell phone and damaged some property before leaving again, authorities said.

The woman called 911 and responding cops found marks on her neck, reports state. She declined medical attention.

Wave, whose real name is Rodarius Green, has pleaded not guilty to assault and announced that he was delaying his record release until June.

Records show that Green has several prior arrests, including involving a 2018 weapons case.

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By Buffy Gunner

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