Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Two people in Indiana are facing a long list of drug and neglect charges after police said two little girls sought them out to report their own abuse.

Authorities said two girls were seen walking around downtown Mt. Vernon Tuesday night asking how to get to the police station. They also said the girls were upset and crying.

The girls reportedly told police they left their home because of ongoing physical abuse by their mother, LaCole Mosley, and their mother’s boyfriend, Daryl Moman.

The girls were punched, kicked, and slapped on a daily basis, WFIE reported.

The girls also reportedly told officers they were expected to care for their four younger siblings, who range in age from 1 to 8.

The girls said they take care of their siblings in the morning before school and when they get home. They said they usually have to clean up and bathe the younger children, whose diapers are soiled from not being changed all day.

The girls said the younger children would also be left in a car for hours with all of the kids often left alone at home for days at a time.

Police said they were also told by the girls that their mother crushes up something and snorts it off the bathroom counter.

When they told their mother they wanted to leave the home, the girls said they were told “If you leave, he will kill me, and I will kill you.”

Officers said Moman came to the police station while the girls were there and that the girls both seemed afraid of him.

Authorities went to Mosley and Moman’s home to check on the other four children. Officers said they were invited inside, where they saw a box of ammunition in a bedroom and could smell burnt marijuana in the garage.

Officers said Mosley consented to a search of the home, where they discovered several baggies, marijuana, meth, more ammunition and a digital scale. Mosley reportedly told police more than once that there were no guns in the home.

The six children were placed with safe family members by the Indiana Department of Children’s Services, WFIE reported.

As the children were being loaded into a vehicle, officers said they saw a trash bag near the air conditioning unit. Inside the trash bag, they said they found two guns.

Officials said Mosley and Moman were both charged with drug possession and drug dealing, as well as six counts of child neglect. They also said Moman is a convicted felon, who was charged with armed robbery and dealing cocaine in Illinois.

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By Buffy Gunner

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