Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Family members say three Ohio people found dead inside of a home in Cincinnati are a mother and her two sons.

Cincinnati Police believe their deaths were the result of a double-murder and suicide.

The victims were identified as 38-year-old Darlene Flores, 19-year-old Eric Johnson, Jr. and 16-year-old Rodrigo Johnson.

Investigators say the three died from gunshot wounds.

Friends of the 19-year-old said they got a worrying message from him just 30 minutes before their bodies were discovered at the home on Canyon Drive.

“My friend called around 5:00 this morning saying that he loved us and that he’s sorry and he misses his sister. Nobody seen the text. I was the first person that seen the text this morning around 6. As soon as I heard it I got a friend that called me and said that said ‘Hey! Check on E. I heard there’s a lot of police on his street.’ I jumped up and raced over here when I pulled up there was already a scene,” said Timyone Andrew.

Andrew and Beamer Walker say they were best friends with Eric Johnson and had known him and his family for years.

“This is like my second family really my second home we come here every day after school and everybody knows that it’s us it’s always just us together.”

Andrew and Beamer say it’s hard to accept, because they were at the home the night before the family was found dead.

While it has not been confirmed by police, family members said the 19-year-old is the one who pulled the trigger.

Their deaths come just months after another tragic loss.

Family members say 6-year-old Iyla Johnson was killed in a murder-suicide at the hands of their father, 40-year-old Eric Johnson in August.

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“Deep down you know losing your little sister and especially a 6 year old sister and that was like the closest he loved her more than anything. Losing her, it destroyed my boy. I know he was hurting, but that’s why we was here with him we showed up every day. We came here every single day,” Andrew said. “We can’t replace that love he had for his little sister but we were trying to be close to it.”

Andrew and Beamer remember Flores as “an angel” with a good heart. They say her door was always open and welcomed them with open arms.

Family members said she was also Iyla’s mother.

They say Rodrigo or “Rod” was like Eric’s twin. They say their friend, Eric, had a good heart and loved hard.

“Check on those people cause you know somebody’s hurting after a while people start to forget but that pain is still with those people so make sure you share your love. Check on the ones that you love,” said Andrew.

Loved ones have set up a GoFundMe to help with funeral and burial expenses for the family. You can donate here.

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