Mon. Jun 5th, 2023
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Murder File 014: Hiawayi Robinson
Hiawayi Robinson should be turning 16 this year. But in 2014, the 8-year-old girl from Prichard was raped, murdere...
September 02, 2022
Murder File 013: Destiny Fitzpatrick
Destiny Fitzpatrick was shot and killed on July 5, 2022 in Atlanta, GA by her boyfriend. | Featured missing Person...
July 16, 2022
Murder file 012: Azsia Johnson
Azsia Johnson was shot in the head while pushing her 3-month-old daughter in a stroller to go meet with her child'...
July 04, 2022
Murder File 011: Felicia Johnson
Updates on both Felicia Johnson and Kierra Coles cases. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify...
July 01, 2022
Murder File 010: Montreach Mitchell
Montreach Mitchell was shot and killed by her boyfriend, Timmy Brooks, at the Wyndham Garden Hotel. Listen in to f...
June 18, 2022
Murder File 009: Zymere Perkins
Zymere Perkins, a sweet, adorable child nicknamed “ZP,” was deprived of food and sleep, thrown into icy shower...
May 28, 2022
Murder File 008: Lauren Juma
Lauren Juma was shot and killed inside her home after she was allegedly held captive by her mother's boyfriend. | ...
May 23, 2022
Murder File 007: Brittany Booker
Brittany Booker had been trying to help a friend two months ago when police say the pair were ambushed by the frie...
May 04, 2022
Murder File 006: Pamela & Javarious Isa...
Pamela & AJ Isabell were fatally stabbed while they slept along with three other family members who survived. ...
April 30, 2022
Murder File 005: Arthur 'Archie' Everso...
Arthur 'Archie' Eversole was a beloved hip-hop recording artist based in Atlanta, Georgia who was shot and killed ...
April 26, 2022
Murder File 004: Shamaya Lynn
In this episode, Buffy will talk about the Shamaya Lynn case and why gun safety is important to teach your childre...
August 20, 2021
Murder File 003: Destiny Harrison
Destiny Harrison was a young “goal-getter” and salon owner was murdered days after she told authorities she fe...
January 03, 2020
Murder File 002: Charlene Gaither
Charlene Gaither was strangled and stabbed to death on Feb. 9, 2008 by her long time boyfriend, James Hawkins, Jr...
December 27, 2019
Murder File 001: Tyshika Adkins?
In this episode I will recount the events in the murder of Tyshika Adkins in June 7, 2014. | Featured Missing Pers...
June 21, 2019