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Mesa police have made an arrest in the deadly shooting of a 19-year-old man last Friday night that investigators say came about during an argument about the sale of a pair of AirPods.

Mesa police say their officers were called to a shooting on Friday, March 19 in the area of South Longmore, just south of Broadway Road. Officers found 19-year-old Garry Anau and 21-year-old Kenyada Bass, both with gunshot wounds. Both men were taken to a hospital where Anau was pronounced dead.

According to court documents Anau had purchased AirPods from Bass a few days earlier and he thought they were counterfeit. Anau set up a second meeting with Bass on Friday to try to get his money back. Anau showed up to the meeting with a couple friends, Bass arrived to the meeting with a handgun, police say.

During his interview with detectives, court documents indicate Bass told them that “he had his Glock 35 in his basketball shorts pocket” when he met Anau about his AirPod Pros. Bass told them “he always carried his gun with him,” court documents say.

Bass told investigators that he had just moved his gun from his pocket to his waistband when “he saw five males come out of nowhere” and he was tackled by one of the men. He said he was able to pull his gun and fired off three shots as he hit the ground. He said he thought the first round hit his foot.

Court documents say that after the shots were fired, one of the men wrestled with Bass and was able to get the gun from him. Bass tried to run, but told investigators that because he had shot himself in the foot, he wasn’t able to get far. Bass told investigators that the men came back to “bum rush” him and they beat and kicked him until he passed out, court documents say.

Bass is charged with one count of manslaughter and two counts of aggravated assault.

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