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One of Alton Sterling’s sons was indicted Wednesday on first-degree rape counts involving two 8-year-old boys.

20-year-old Cameron Sterling was first arrested in December 2018 and accused of raping one of the boys while he was babysitting the child earlier that month.

Another arrest warrant was filed last August that accused Sterling of sexually assaulting another boy in November 2018. That boy was staying at a friend’s house where Sterling was present, the warrant states.

Because Sterling was 18 at the time of both alleged incidents, he would face a mandatory sentence of life in prison if convicted of first-degree rape.

A Baton Rouge state district judge had found Sterling incompetent to proceed with his case in February 2019, but another judge last August found him competent after he received treatment.

Sterling’s father, 37-year-old Alton Sterling, was shot to death in 2016 while two Baton Rouge police officers tried to arrest the elder Sterling outside a North Foster Drive convenience store. The shooting was captured on video and shared on social media, and sparked protests in Baton Rouge and across the country.

Blane Salamoni, the officer who shot Sterling six times during a brief struggle, was fired but later allowed to resign. The other officer, Howie Lake II, was suspended for three days.

They had responded to a complaint that a man matching Alton Sterling’s description was selling CDs outside the store and had threatened someone with a gun. A loaded handgun was found in Alton Sterling’s pocket.

The Metro Council recently rejected an attempt by the lawyers representing Alton Sterling’s five children to make a quicker payout of a proposed $4.5 million settlement of their wrongful death lawsuit against the city-parish.

Now the attorneys will either have to accept the five-year payment plan in the original settlement the council approved or take their chances in a jury trial.

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