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New details have been released about a man charged with the murder of a 7-year-old in Beckley, West Virginia.

According to the criminal complaint, the Beckley Police Department was called to a reported stabbing in the 400 block of Industrial Drive about 2:45 a.m. Thursday. When they arrived, they say the found one of the victims, Felicia Brown, at a neighbor’s home. They say she was badly bleeding from stab wounds to her face.

Investigators say Brown told them she had been stabbed by her boyfriend, Rashad Thompson. She told them her seven-year-old child was still inside her apartment with Thompson.

When police got inside the apartment, they say they found a hammer covered in what appeared to be blood in the living room floor. They found the seven-year-old boy’s body lying on the couch with extreme trauma to the left side of his head. The criminal complaint states detectives believe the boy had been hit repeatedly by the hammer.

Police say Thompson told them, “I just lost it.” Thompson was taken to the police department.

Officers got a search warrant for the apartment and say they found a broken knife inside.

Investigators say they were able to get more information from the neighbor Brown ran to for help. They say the neighbor told them she was woken up by Brown banging on her door. When she answered, she saw Brown had been stabbed in the face. The neighbor said Brown begged her to go with her to get her seven-year-old and two-year-old children. The neighbor went inside Brown’s apartment and was able to grab the two-year-old before seeing Thompson walking towards the kitchen. She says she took the child back over to her home and left the child with Brown, then went back to the apartment to get the seven-year-old.

The neighbor says this time when she walked inside, she saw Thompson violently hitting an area of the couch with an object, but she was unable to determine what the object was. She ran away but returned once Thompson was taken into custody. She says that is when she saw the child lying in the area of the couch Thompson had been hitting.

Thompson is charged with first degree murder, attempted first degree murder, child abuse resulting in death, and malicious wounding.

He is being held on Southern Regional Jail.

Brown was taken to the hospital where she was listed in critical condition.

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