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Disturbing revelations from the father of a 4-year-old girl who died last week paint a picture of neglect and abuse prior to her death.

The girl, Nahla Miller, died last Wednesday after doctors removed her from life support at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Court documents show police arrested Tianna Robinson, Nahla’s mother, on April 13 for allegedly punching and strangling the 4-year-old until she stopped breathing. Robinson is charged with attempted murder, endangering children and felonious assault.

“Nahla was amazing,” Nathaniel Miller, the girl’s father, said. “She was the sweetest little girl. She was always happy, just a happy little girl… Loved her movies. Loved Frozen — just anything Disney. She loved playing.”

Miller says he never thought Robinson was capable of killing his daughter. Still, he recalls warning signs.

“Nahla didn’t want to go back to her house, you know what I mean?” Miller said. “Just signs, like, Nahla didn’t want to get out of the car… She always wanted to stay around and stay with me, and stuff like that.”

He also says Robinson told police of instances in which she neglected the child.

“In Tianna’s words, [Nahla] was left in the basement without food or water for long periods of time, and she said she did that because she couldn’t potty train Nahla,” Miller said, recounting what police had told him.

Court documents show Robinson’s boyfriend, Rensley Washington, was charged with endangering children and obstructing justice in connection with the girl’s death.

He allegedly lied to investigators about the 4-year-old’s injuries, claiming she’d fallen off a scooter.

“I think everybody in that house should be in jail right now, because there’s no way a little girl has been living in your basement for a long period of time without food or water and no one knowing,” Miller said.

Nahla’s grandmother, Monica Greene says she hadn’t seen her granddaughter since last July, when Nahla appeared happy and healthy. Then she visited the 4-year-old in the hospital last week.

“She was very skinny,” Greene said. “She probably weighed about 23 pounds… bruises and scars… and all of the respirator and all the tubes… she just didn’t look like our little girl.”

Robinson is in jail on a $1 million bond and Washington’s bond is set at $90,000.

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