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A man accused of murdering a woman in Northern California was arrested on suspicion of starting wildfire to cover up the crime that killed two others, officials said.

According to the Solano County Sheriff’s Office, Vacaville’s 39-year-old Victor Seriteno, was booked after eight months of criminal investigation.

County District Attorney Krishna Abrams has been charged with additional charges of murder and arson and will be charged on Friday.

Serriteno had already been imprisoned without bail after being arrested for the death of 32-year-old Priscilla Castro last year. Her burned body was found near Lake Berryessa on September 2.

Seriteno pleaded not guilty to her murder.

According to officials, Castro disappeared on August 16 because he was unable to return from his scheduled date with Seriteno in Vacaville. The two met online.

Two days later, a flame called the Markley Fire erupted in the area where Castro’s body was found and fused with other flames to form the LNU Lightning Complex, killing six people and killing about 1,500 homes and other buildings. Was destroyed.

Two of the wildfire victims, 82-year-old Douglasmai and 64-year-old Leon “James” Bourne, were found dead at their unincorporated Solano County home, according to the sheriff’s office. it was done.

In an investigation involving the sheriff’s office and state fire authorities, the cause of the fire was arson, and the dead were “now considered murders,” the sheriff’s office said.

“Based on extensive investigation, we believe Seriteno deliberately set up a Markley fire in an attempt to hide his crimes,” said an office statement.

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