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A mother waited hours after her toddler’s death before taking him to the hospital, according to the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office. Morristown Medical Center staff then overheard Krystal Straw telling her 5-year-old daughter, “Do not tell anyone what happened,” according to the affidavit for her arrest.

Straw and Edwin Urbina now face several charges after Urbina beat her 3-year-old boy to death, according to the prosecutor’s office. The affidavits for Urbina and Straw reveal details of how they allegedly attempted to cover up the homicide.

Straw brought her son to the hospital at about 5 a.m. August 13. The unresponsive child sustained substantial bruising on his face, back, buttocks and legs, according to the affidavit. Staff pronounced him dead shortly after.

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Following an autopsy, the medical examiner determined the cause of death as multiple injuries and the manner of death as homicide. The medical examiner also noted pre-existing injuries to the boy’s ribs and wrists that predated August 13.

Law enforcement questioned Straw about the baby’s death. She reported that she was alone with her son and daughter in East Hanover’s Oyo Hotel, where they lived, according to the affidavit. She denied that anyone else was present, according to law enforcement.

Straw stated that she noticed her boy was not breathing properly, according to the prosecutor’s office. She said she attempted CPR and then took him to the hospital, authorities said.

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However, her 5-year-old daughter reported that she, the victim, and Urbina were in the hotel room while Straw was at work, the affidavit says. Urbina struck the boy several times on his arm, face and buttocks, according to authorities. The toddler died in the hotel room, where Straw returned shortly after, records say.

The daughter reported Urbina had struck the baby on prior occasions, according to the affidavit. Urbina is her father.

About two hours after the killing, Straw and Urbina packed up numerous bags and boxes and removed them from the hotel room, according to the investigation’s findings. Straw then drove Urbina, her daughter and her son’s body to Morristown, where Urbina got out of the car and took the bags and boxes with him, the affidavit says.

She then drove to the hospital.

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A review of Straw’s cellphone records show she was texting with someone believed to be Urbina, according to authorities. The review revealed that Straw agreed to delete content between her and Urbina, the affidavit says. Urbina further instructed Straw to deny his involvement and not mention his name to police, records say.

Urbina was charged with first-degree murder, second-degree endangering the welfare of children, third-degree witness tampering and fourth-degree evidence tampering. Straw was charged with second-degree endangering child welfare, third-degree hindering apprehension or prosecution, third-degree witness tampering and fourth-degree evidence tampering.

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