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Police are searching for a toddler who went missing at an apartment off Florida Boulevard.

State Police joined Baton Rouge Police in the search for the missing toddler late Friday.  The FBI joined the search Saturday morning.

The search continued Sunday.

Friday night, troopers issued a Level II Endangered Missing Child Advisory as police searched for 2-year-old Nevaeh Allen.

The toddler was reported missing from her home, an apartment complex on La Belle Avenue, in the Belaire neighborhood of Baton Rouge.

The child was last seen by her stepfather Friday before he fell asleep and napped around 1:00 p.m., authorities said.

When the siblings arrived home from school three hours later, the apartment door was open and the child was missing.

Nevaeh Allen was last seen wearing a yellow dress with pineapples and no shoes.

Since late afternoon, police have been searching the area for the child.  A large search party was organized with area law enforcement who were searching the apartment complex area.

The girl’s mother, Lanaya Cardwell, said Naveah had been left with the child’s step-father along with two other kids.

Federal agents and police questioned family members of the missing child Saturday.  In interviews on Saturday, family members said detectives were questioning the child’s immediate caregivers.  Police have not labeled anyone a suspect and said earlier in the day the search and investigation were ongoing.

Kim Holmes, the mother of Cardwell’s live-in boyfriend said Saturday, “I can’t see my son hurting a child.”

“This little girl is like my grandchild, I’ve helped look after her. in the 2-years, I’ve known her mother,” Holmes said.

Holmes met with Cardwell,’s family at the apartment complex where the child went missing, and she says police have been holding her son since Friday.

“They got him at the headquarters. they claim they didn’t arrest him yet,” Holmes said.

“It should be the last two adults to see them kids, they need to be questioned.” Casey Amacker, the missing toddler’s Uncle, said.

Amacker doesn’t believe his sister had anything to do with the toddler’s disappearance but understands why she’s being questioned.

“I think that I should take everybody, the two adults and asked them the full questions because who can identify anything about her leaving this room right here and walking down these stairs, The story don’t make no sense,” Casey Amacker said.

Relatives also say other children in the home were questioned by authorities.

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