Tue. May 28th, 2024

People who live on Mayfair Park Court in New Tampa, Florida are in shock on Thursday morning right as they were getting their kids ready for the bus, an army of federal agents showed up at a house in the neighborhood.

Sandra Clary’s phone lit up like a Christmas tree. “All of the neighbors were texting, saying what in the Sam Hill? So you weren’t arrested? Ok, it wasn’t you. All right,” said Clary. “My neighbor texted me and said, I didn’t want to call you at 6:30 but the feds, the FBI and a bunch of unmarked cars are in the yard.”

The federal agents were there to pick up 50-year old Deanna Stinson, the director of finance at the Bible-Based Fellowship Church on Erlich Road in Hillsborough County. She’s accused of trying to hire a hitman on the dark web, to kill the spouse of someone she used to be in a relationship with.

She’s facing charges for solicitation to commit a crime of violence and murder for hire.

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Deputies are holding her in the Pinellas County Jail without bond, which is where most federal inmates are housed.

According to the arrest warrant, she used Bitcoin to pay for the ‘hit’ because she didn’t think it could be traced. At one point, the paperwork indicates the undercover officer posing as the ‘hitman’ asked her to send him a money order to buy a gun, but she was reluctant to use Western Union thinking the money could be traced back to her.

State records also indicate Stinson Founded WOE or Women of Excellence Consulting in New Tampa. A call to that business number goes right to her voicemail.

Clary can’t believe her neighbor was arrested for such a crime. “My neighbors were all going crazy. Murder for hire. Wow, I’m glad I didn’t (make her mad) as a neighbor! “

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