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Deputies are searching for a man charged in connection with a fatal shooting that occurred last week in north Harris County.

The suspect, identified as 29-year-old Cameron Davis, is charged with murder in the September 23 shooting death of Ryniscia Sanford, court documents show.

On September 16, a week before Sanford was fatally shot, Davis was convicted of the felony offense of aggravated robbery in the 185th District Court of Harris County, according to a warrant. He was also out on bond for assaulting Sanford and violating a protective order.

Davis has a criminal history dating back to 2009. Prior convictions include possession of marijuana and aggravated robbery, records show.

On Thursday, September 23, at approximately 11:42 a.m., deputies with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said they were dispatched to an apartment complex at 910 Cypress Station Dr. in reference to a report a murder occurred there.

A caller reported witnessing a man arguing with a woman in the common area of the apartment complex, according to the warrant. At some point during the argument, the woman fled from the man, who chased her down, shot her six times in the back of the head, and fled the scene.

When deputies arrived at the scene, they located the woman, later identified as Sanford, on a sidewalk suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Though CPR and other life-saving measures were performed, Sanford was pronounced dead at 12:17 p.m.

Surveillance video showed Sanford running through the apartment complex when a blue Ford Fusion speeds into the parking lot and chases after her. A man later identified as Davis exited the vehicle with a firearm and chased Sanford on foot. A short time later, a different camera angle shows Davis pursuing Sanford. At some point, Sanford fell to the ground and Davis stood over her and fired his weapon several times, the warrants reads.

Deputies later located 11 spent shell casings near Sanford, who sustained three gunshot injuries to the back of her head near the neck area and three gunshot injuries near her back shoulder area.

Davis fled the scene on foot.

One of Sanford’s relatives told investigators Sanford was in an abusive relationship with Davis, the warrant reads.

Investigators learned Davis had assaulted Sanford on May 30, 2021. Further, Davis was out on bond for felony violation of a protective order, which had been procured for Sanford following the May assault.

On the night of May 30, Davis attacked Sanford while she was asleep, court records show. She awoke when Davis, who was on top of her, began striking her in the face and pulling at her hair. During the assault, he ripped out her hair extensions and at some point, she lost consciousness. Sanford told authorities she had recently broken up with Davis.

The day before Sanford was fatally shot, two men were shot to death at a location nearby. The suspect fled the scene in a black Nissan SUV. Deputies are now searching for a man charged with murder in connection with the fatal double shooting.

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