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Caretaker Stuffed Sock Inside 17-Month-Old Child’s Mouth Until Child Was Unresponsive

The Norman PD responded to a report of an unresponsive 17-month-old child at the Norman Regional Hospital on October 23 in Norman, Oklahoma.

Medical staff attempted to save the child and relocated the child to a hospital in the area due to the need for advanced medical care. The child suffered from injuries from various acts of abuse, officials say.

Investigators contacted the child’s sole caretaker, 21-year-old Demontre Deshawn Rose, who confessed to the abuse, including placing a sock in the child’s mouth and laying on top of him until the child was unresponsive, according to Sarah Jensen with the Norman Police Department.

Rose was described as the child’s sole caretaker. No information was provided on whether he’s the baby’s biological father.

“We are not releasing that information at this point,” Jensen said. “At this point we are naming him as the sole caretaker.”

Police were called to Norman Regional Hospital on Oct. 23 regarding an unresponsive 17 month old.

Medical staff attempted to save the baby, who was hospitalized for need of advanced medical care.

The baby had suffered extensive trauma, suffering internal injuries including a spleen laceration, liver laceration, collapsed lung, rib fractures and hemorrhage in both eyes. He also had bruising and bite marks.

Rose was arrested on Oct. 23 on suspicion of child abuse by injury, but the complaint against him has since been amended to first-degree murder.

Jensen did not have information on whether the baby’s mother had any presence in the baby’s day-to-day life, saying only that it is under investigation.

Rose is the Cleveland County Detention Center’s custody.

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