Thu. May 23rd, 2024

A trucker was arrested in Brevard County, accused of abducting a woman in Delaware, keeping her captive for about eight months while repeated beating, threatening and raping her, according to Cocoa police.

The woman said 53-year-old Robert Jeffrey Johnson Jr. picked her up, asking if she knew where to get crystal meth, according to police report. She said she could and got inside his truck, but after several hours asked to go home, but Johnson refused and hit her, knocking out one of her front teeth, records show.

Investigators said the victim reported that Johnson then picked up some freight and appeared as though he would drop her off, but ended up hitting her again, knocking out another tooth in the process.

Over the next several months, the victim said Johnson continued to hit her, rape her and threaten her life with a gun, according to the report.

Eventually, the victim said she was able to gain access to Johnson’s cell phone and text her mother to ask for help while the trucker was asleep, police said.

Shortly after that, Johson left the victim at Flying J Truck Stop in Cocoa, according to the report. A worker there drove her to a nearby grocery store, where she began to feel unwell and an ambulance was called.

Johnson was arrested on November 21. He denied abusing the victim and claimed they had a consensual sexual relationship.

He faces charges of human trafficking, sexual battery, aggravated assault, kidnapping and false imprisonment.

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By Buffy Gunner

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