Thu. May 23rd, 2024

The man charged in a 17-month-old girl’s death and sexual assault at a Richmond, Virginia motel has been sentenced to prison after entering pleas.

Barron Spurlock was charged with the 2019 death of 17-month-old Nariah Brown.

Spurlock was initially charged with non-capital murder but had the charge amended to first-degree murder. He was sentenced to 30 years with 10 suspended.

His aggravated sexual battery of a minor charge was amended to an object sexual penetration charge, where he was sentenced to 20 years with 15 suspended.

Spurlock’s object sexual penetration charge was nolle prosequi.

He will serve a total of 25 years in prison.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner confirms that the death of a toddler assaulted in a motel was ruled a homicide by blunt force trauma.

The girl’s mother had left her with her year-long boyfriend and someone she’d known since fourth grade and trusted in their motel room at the Colony House Motor Lodge while giving a relative a ride.

The child’s mother returned to find her baby had been horrifically assaulted. She rushed Nariah to the hospital, where doctors discovered multiple severe injuries, including punctured lungs and fractured ribs. The child later died at the hospital.

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