Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

Police in Oklahoma have arrested a man in the death of a young girl at a Enid motel on Thursday.

The Enid Police Department reports 51-year-old Michael Geiger was taken into custody after officers were called to a motel for a child drowning at the pool.

Authorities said the 2-year-old girl was pulled from the pool and CPR was performed, but the girl later died at the Integris Bass Baptist Hospital.

It was noted the girl had injuries consistent with a sexual assault, according to the Enid Police Department. During the investigation, officers determined Geiger was a person of interest.

Geiger took off from the motel, but officers said he was later found on top of nearby a building.

Enid police said the 51-year-old was booked on first-degree murder and first-degree rape charges.

“This was an aggravated assault on an innocent child and a very disturbing incident,” Enid Police Lt. Bryan Hart said. “We’re glad this case was brought to an end in a timely manner with Mr. Geiger’s arrest.”

Officials said Oklahoma Department of Corrections records showed Geiger was recently discharged from custody on a 10-year sentence for a charge of kidnapping out of Oklahoma County.

Police did not release any further immediate information on the child.

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By Buffy Gunner

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