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A 16-year-old was shot and killed inside her Humble, Texas home early Friday morning and her mother’s boyfriend has been charged with her murder.

60-year-old Van Henry Brisbon has been charged with murder. He has yet to appear in court, but his bond was set to $1 million.

16-year-old Lauren Juma, the victim, is said to have had her whole life in front of her. The teen had just made the Nimitz High School cheerleading team and had dreams of joining her older sister in the U.S. Air Force after graduation.

But now, her family is devastated. The tragic series of events began early Friday morning when Juma Facetimed with her mother and one of her older sisters.

“It was 1 o’clock in the morning, and she just said he was being really weird and she wanted me to come pick her up,” said Keryca Harmon, Lauren’s 19-year-old sister. “That’s what I did.”

But Harmon would never get to see her sister alive again.

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“By the time I got there, the police were already out there searching around the house,” Harmon said, tears welling up. “I was there about three minutes before I heard two gunshots go off, and I ran toward the house.”

According to court records, Lauren told her mom, Laurie Young, in her Facetime call that Brisbon was standing inside her room in the dark and wanted her mother to tell him to get out, which she did. Lauren then screamed, “mom he has a gun,” court records say. Then, the call ended.

Young, who was at a work training program in Austin, rushed back to the home she shared with Brisbon and her daughter for three years.

“She was 16. She just joined the cheerleading team,” recalled the devastated mother. “She had a bright future ahead of her, and she was going to go to the U.S. Air Force when she graduated.”

Family members who had met Brisbon over the past few years said outwardly that he seemed friendly and had no problems.

Harmon said Brisbon had been “weird” before.

Investigators with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Homicide Unit have not released a possible motive.

Brisbon is scheduled to be back in court Monday.

Statement from Aldine ISD:

“This morning, the district was notified of the death of one of our Nimitz High School students who passed away early Friday morning. We are deeply saddened to hear of her passing. Our community mourns her passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family, loved ones, and friends during this very difficult time. Counselors and the district’s crisis team have been mobilized to respond to this tragic event and will be available to students and staff to assist them during this difficult time.”

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