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Police in Illinois announced charges Friday in the stabbing death of a man just off Chicago’s Magnificent Mile earlier this week.

The suspect turned himself in to police two days after the incident. 25-year-old Alan Perez has been charged with first-degree murder.

The victim was identified as 36-year-old Jeremy Walker. His long-time girlfriend says he was in route to pick her up from work when the road rage incident occurred.

“But he don’t bother nobody. That man go to work and he come home, and he take care of his son. And some random person just took him,” said Jessica Evans, Walker’s girlfriend.

Around 730 p.m. on Tuesday, Walker had apparently gotten into a fight with another driver near Dearborn and Ohio in the River North neighborhood. He reportedly questioned the driver about honking their horn.

According to police, Walker and Perez engaged in a physical altercation and Walker was eventually stabbed in the neck.

Man stabbed to death near Chicago’s Mag Mile identified, his girlfriend speaks out
After being stabbed, the victim drove five blocks to seek help from Chicago police. Now, his girlfriend is speaking out.

Witnesses say Perez and two other men were in the second vehicle involved, which immediately left the scene after the stabbing.

After being stabbed, Walker drove five blocks to Michigan and Ontario seeking help from police parked nearby.

Walker later died at Northwestern Hospital.

The day after the stabbing, officers located the suspect’s vehicle and the two occupants that were with Perez at the time of the incident, police said. The occupants identified Perez as the offender and the following day, Perez turned himself in to police.

Walker’s girlfriend said he lived a simple life. He was well known for his mobile detailing business and special love for his 12-year-old son Jaylin.

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