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A serial bank robber in Indiana is under arrest once again after police say she robbed two more banks on Tuesday, only this time the woman brought her daughter along for the crime spree resulting in both being handcuffed and placed in jail.

55-year-old Sierra Hunt was previously arrested in April after being tied to a string of bank robberies between April 9 and April 15. In that timeframe, Hunt is accused of robbing four banks by handing tellers a note that threatened harm if they didn’t hand over money.

Written on the note — a Family Dollar receipt that eventually would be traced back to Hunt due to it having her own debit card information on it — was the handwritten threat: “NO DYE PACKS! DO NOT GET ANYONE HURT! 20’S, 10’S, 5’S 100’S only! ANY DYE PACKS AND 2 men will come in and start hurting people! KEEP ONE HAND WHERE I CAN SEE IT AT ALL times!”

Retired FBI Special Agent Paul Keenan said these types of bank robberies, “note jobs”, are the most common nowadays.

Retired FBI Special Agent Paul Keenan said these types of bank robberies, “note jobs”, are the most common nowadays.

”Sometimes there will be a threat involved in those notes,” Keenan said. “It raises the stakes as far as the sentencing goes when they’re caught.”

Hunt ultimately was arrested for the April robberies and charged with four felony robbery charges. Issued a $50,000 surety bond, court records show Hunt bonded out of jail on April 28.

Despite having a trial date set in November for her April bank robberies, Hunt is accused of picking back up her criminal habits and robbing two banks on Tuesday, only this time Hunt’s 36-year-old daughter Shamiya Hunt is accused of assisting her mother in these most recent crimes.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, police responded to an attempted robbery at a Chase Bank, located near Cunningham Road and Crawfordsville Road in Speedway, on Tuesday. This is the same Bank Sierra Hunt is accused of robbing on April 11.

Police said the suspects fled in a red colored Honda before they could be apprehended.

Hunt and her daughter are accused of striking a second bank on Tuesday, this time The Regions Bank located on E. 86th Street on Indy’s north side. Officers were told a female entered the Regions Bank and after committing the robbery fled in a red Honda. Hunt was also linked to a red Honda Accord during her April robberies.

Keenan said serial bank robbers are not uncommon.

”Especially nowadays, they don’t really get that much money,” Keenan said. “There is not that much bang for the buck in robbing a bank.”

IMPD has not yet released how much money the Hunts were able to get away with Tuesday.

”It’s usually what’s in the drawer and typically they’re getting away with less than $10,000.” Keenan said.

IMPD and officers from the Plainfield Police Department were able to locate the red Honda after the Regions Bank robbery on Tuesday. Both Sierra Hunt and her daughter Shamiya Hunt were taken into custody for their alleged roles in Tuesday’s robberies.

Police ask anyone with information about the robberies to contact the IMPD robbery office at (317) 327-3475 or call Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.

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