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An Alabama man admitted to stabbing and decapitating his girlfriend in their home, after she refused to have sex with him.

38-year-old Justin Fields was charged with murder and abuse of a corpse after body camera footage captured his confession to deputies for murdering 52-year-old Tammy Bailey, Blount County Sheriff’s Office told to outlet.

The victim lived with Fields in their home, but they had separate bedrooms. Blount County Sheriff Mark Moon said the couple went out last Friday, but got into an argument when they returned home later that night.

“He had gone into his room, was playing guitar. His birthday was the day before he wanted to celebrate his birthday,” Moon said.

“He wanted to have sex with her,” Moon said. “He went to her room and propositioned her and she turned him down. According to his statement, that frustrated him. He said he stabbed her one time and then he blacked out,” Moon continued.

According to the outlet, police believe Bailey died on Friday night, but was attacked again after her death.

“On Saturday, he went back in there and felt like he was having a bad dream,” Moon said. “For some reason, he stabbed her multiple times again.”

According to police, Fields called his dad and said he had “done something really bad” and that “the evidence is inside” after Moon said deputies found Fields outside his home. Moon stated that Fields’ dad then called the victim’s sister, who was also their neighbor. But when Bailey’s sister went over to check in, Fields wouldn’t let her inside.

“The offender grabbed her and wouldn’t let her in the house,” Moon said. “He told her that he had done something horrible and she didn’t need to go in there.”

When deputies entered the home, they discovered Bailey’s decapitated body with more than 100 stab wounds. They then arrested Fields and took him into custody.

“The two investigators and the crime scene tech, who was one of my patrol lieutenants that responded to the scene, they probably had close to 100 years combined experience in law enforcement and they said this is the worst thing they’ve ever seen,” Moon said.

“Those are images, mental images that you will never be able to erase,” Moon said of the crime scene.

Fields is currently being held in Blount County jail with no bond. He is set to make his first court appearance on Nov. 2. His case is set to go before a grand jury on Jan 23.

Fields had no criminal background, but it is unknown at this time if he has any underlying mental health issues.

It is unclear if Fields has an attorney who can speak on his behalf.

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