Thu. May 23rd, 2024

A 13-year-old Washington boy was arrested Thursday for his alleged involvement in the murder of 18-year-old Jatzivy Sarabia.

The Benton County Sheriff’s Office said their ongoing investigation into the murder led them to identifying the 13-year-old as one of the homicide suspects, and obtaining a warrant for his arrest.

On Thursday at around 2 PM, BCSO said their detectives, along with U.S. Marshals, located the boy in Kennewick. Officials stopped a car he was riding in near 10th Ave and Ely St, and arrested him for suspicion of aggravated 1st degree murder with a notice of firearm allegation and enhancement.

Officials said the teen suspect was booked into the Benton Franklin Juvenile Justice Center. He is the third person to be arrested in connection to the crime.

Jatzivy Sarabia was shot and killed on October 15th while riding in a vehicle on SR 397 near 3rd Ave in Kennewick. 5 days later, deputies arrested 20-year-old Isaiah Combs on suspicion of aggravated 1st degree murder.

According to court documents obtained by Action News, witnesses reported seeing Combs lean out of a car window and start shooting directly at the car Jatzivy was in.

The documents reveal police also arrested 18-year-old Carnell Green on October 26th for allegedly trying to hide evidence related to the murder. Green apparently told investigators he was with Combs on the night of the shooting, and that he heard the gunshots but didn’t see Combs fire the gun.

Court documents state that law enforcement learned Green had stored a gun at his home in Kennewick the day after the shooting. A search of Green’s home on October 25th allegedly turned up a 9mm firearm that was consistent with the firearm used in the shooting. Officers said the gun matched several characteristics of the shell casings found at the scene. Court documents also state the gun could hold 16 rounds, but there were only 5 rounds in the magazine, and one in the chamber.

Green was charged with suspicion of rendering criminal assistance.

BCSO said they were still investigating Sarabia’s murder, and were actively developing and following leads.

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