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A Washington man convicted of killing and dismembering his half-sister in Kenmore in 2016 has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.

David Haggard appeared in a King County courtroom Friday for his sentencing hearing. He was sentenced to 15 years behind bars followed by 3 years of community custody combined with drug and alcohol evaluations and treatment. He was previously found guilty by a jury in October of this year.

Jamie Haggard, David’s half-sister, was reported missing on June 17, 2016. During the investigation, detectives spoke with numerous witnesses who said Haggard had a volatile relationship with her brother, according to King County Sheriff officials.

Investigators learned that on numerous occasions, Jamie told her boyfriend she feared David was going to kill her, sheriff officials said.

At some point just before Jamie went missing, she and her half brother got into an argument that led to David knocking Jamie out, according to court documents, and David told a roommate that he should kill her because she was causing so much trouble, prosecutors said.

More violent fights between the two ensued over the next two days, investigators said, and then Jamie went missing.

Detectives dug up the backyard where she had lived with her half-brother in an effort to find her remains, but her body was never found there. Then, in May of 2018, Jamie Haggard’s partially burnt, and dismembered remains were found in a suitcase off the shoulder of a road in Snohomish County, sheriff officials said.

Investigators later tied evidence found in that suitcase to David, and a GPS from a stolen car David was alleged to be driving on June 14 that year showed the car had driven a route near where the remains were found.

At the time, David was already in jail on an unrelated arson charge that was pending from 2016, so prosecutors added second degree murder charges.

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