Thu. May 23rd, 2024

A Michigan man is accused of giving his girlfriend’s 1-year-old nephew meth, killing the boy.

The child’s aunt, Jasmin Jones-Bronner, was granted custody of Cain, who had turned 1 a month before his death. Jones-Bronner was at a work party when her boyfriend, Timothy Coombs allegedly fed Cain meth in Flint.

Cain was on life support for several dies but later died.

His grandmother, Gina Floria, said Coombs physically abused the boy after giving him the meth.

“I don’t understand how these two are out, and they haven’t changed the charges yet to murder,” she said. “My biggest thing right now is getting justice for this baby.”

Coombs is currently facing assault with intent to murder, first-degree child abuse, delivering substances to a minor, and torture charges. He also has a prior abuse conviction involving another child.

While Floria waits for the case to move through the courts, she is remembering Cain.

“I cried when I held him because he was such a happy baby,” she said. “He was very happy. He was smiling all the time. Just brightening up rooms.”

Floria also wants people to think twice and seek help before harming children.

“Just love your kids. Hold them tight. Don’t let them go. If you feel like you can’t handle it, ask for help. There are so many babies out there getting hurt and killed,” she said.

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By Buffy Gunner

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