Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024

The arrest report for a Florida woman who allegedly tried to rob a Pensacola bank on Tuesday states she left her cell phone at the scene, which led to her arrest.

51-year-old Resheca Marshall is charged with attempted robbery with a firearm and attempted grand theft. She is being held in jail on $105,000 bond.

The incident happened around 11 a.m. Tuesday at the Synovus Bank on Bayou Blvd.

According to the arrest report, the bank teller told police a woman approached her window and requested a $3,500 withdrawal, so she gave her a withdrawal slip to fill out.

The report states the woman wrote “I have a gun” and “Do as I say” on the slip, and then handed it back to the teller.

The teller said she became so afraid she couldn’t move, according to the report. The woman then took the slip back and exited the bank.

The report states surveillance footage showed her get into the passenger’s seat of a dark-colored GMC truck and leave the scene.

According to the report, police arrived on scene and found a cell phone at the teller’s window. Surveillance video showed the suspect leave her cell phone at the window.

The report states police searched the phone through a warrant, finding that the owner of the phone is named “Resheca Marshall.” Police then searched the name in their database and determined that Marshall’s photo matched the suspect seen on bank surveillance video.

According to the report, Marshall and a man were involved in a recent criminal mischief incident at the Lions Motel. The man’s registered vehicle is a black GMC truck — which matched the vehicle seen leaving Synovus.

The report states police later located and detained Marshall and the man at the Lions Motel as they walked out of a room.

Police interviewed the man, but did not charge him after determining he didn’t have knowledge of the attempted robbery.

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By Buffy Gunner

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