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2 Women Allegedly Posted Sex Ad And Then Robbed Victim At Tennessee Apartment

Police in Tennessee arrested two women they say posted a sex ad and then robbed the man who answered it, according to Memphis Police Department.

Police say they responded to a robbery of an individual on Mar. 15, at the Lincoln on the Green apartment complex.

The victim advised to police that he checked the sex website, List Crawler, where then he located a sex ad.

He stated the ad belonged to both Ja’Forrest Hendrix and Zadrienne Purviance.

The victim says he messaged Hendrix, and that was when he was sent an address on Championship Drive, along with the price of $120 for 30 minutes of sexual acts.

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The victim then was let in the apartment by Hendrix when Purviance appeared from behind the door with a gun.

Police say Purviance is stated saying “you know what this is drop it off.”

He handed over $110 to Hendrix and was ordered to take off his underwear and was demanded more money through CashApp.

He was then put out of the apartment where he was able to get someone to call the police.

Police arrived and took the victim and both Ja’Forrest Hendrix and Zadrienne Purviance into custody.

The victim showed messages between him and Hendrix and a search warrant was issued to search the apartment.

Police say they found clothes belonging to the victim and $110 in a kitchen drawer.

The victim pointed out Zadrienne Purviance in six person line up.

Both Ja’Forrest Hendrix and Zadrienne Purviance are charged with aggravated robbery and false reporting.

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