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A 21-year-old Georgia man appeared in front of a Rockdale County judge Tuesday. Jailon Gray, who is accused of killing three family members at a Conyers home, was read his charges and denied bond after a gruesome crime scene was discovered early Monday morning.

He is being charged with three counts of aggravated assault and three counts of felony murder.

Warrants stated that Gray admitted to killing two of the victims after, officials said, another individual overheard him say that he did over the phone. The warrants also stated the suspect does not know what happened to the third victim.

The triple murder happened at a home off Sugar Creek Lane. Officials said it all stemmed from an argument and it seemed to be a domestic incident.

Deputies said Gray was at the home when officers arrived at the scene where they arrested him.

The Rockdale County magistrate judge read the names of the victims Tuesday in court as 51-year-old Tamekio Gray, 17-year-old Joy Gray and 50-year-old Corey Gray.

Authorities have not detailed any specific family relations in the case. Deputies also said that there were other people in the home, but would not specify their relationship to the victims or suspect.

It was confirmed to Illicit Deeds that the family members are his parents and sister.

David Gray, who claimed to be a family member, addressed the suspect in court. He told Jailon not to think about death in this next process. He also said he is there to support Jailon as he faced the judge.

Another person, who addressed the suspect in court and claimed to be close with the family also said they will support him through this next process.

“This is a very unfortunate situation. You can always call on my family and I’m just sorry this happened. It’s never too late,” said the person who claimed to be close to the family.

Deputies mentioned that they had been called out to that home before, though they did not specify the reasons.

Gray’s next hearing is scheduled for March 29 at the Conyers Jail for his commitment hearing.

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