Mon. May 20th, 2024

A shooting at a Tennessee McDonald’s left a 28-year-old woman dead on Monday morning, according to Memphis Police Department.

That’s according to employees at the fast food restaurant near Airways and Lamar in Orange Mound.

Police responded at a shooting at the restaurant at 1472 S. Trezevant near Lamar and Airways around 2 a.m. Monday. They found one female victim dead on the scene.

A family member of one of the employees, who was on scene when the shooting happened, said the shooting stemmed from an argument between a customer and an employee over food.

“I don’t know if it was over a sandwich or some fries. He just said it was over some food,” said Devante Louis.

Louis said his cousin ran for his life once shots rang out.

According to police, surveillance video showed the woman speaking to an employee through the drive through window about an order that was wrong.

The video showed the woman pulling out a gun and knocking on the window with it during the argument. Police said the woman lowered the gun to her side and the argument continued.

Police said the employee then backed up, pulled out a small handgun from his left pocket, and shot the woman through the window.

Witnesses later identified 36-year-old Preston Deener as the employee who argued with the woman and shot her.

McDonald’s Headquarters released this statement:

“We are deeply saddened by this morning’s tragic incident. Our thoughts are with the families affected by this sudden tragedy. The safety and well-being of our crew, customers and the community remains our top priority, and we are fully cooperating with local law enforcement in their investigation.”

Deener is charged with second-degree murder and convicted felon in possession of a handgun. He also had a warrant for domestic assault from a previous incident.

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