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The man accused of dumping the body of a Georgia businessman, tried to find Narcan to revive him, new arrest warrants in the case claim.

Narcan is a medication commonly used to treat an overdose.

The new documents state Nathan Millard’s apparent overdose death came after a night of prostitution and smoking crack cocaine.

Millard died last month while on a business trip to Baton Rouge.

Derrick Perkins, Tabbetha Barner, and Tiffany Ann Guidry.

Derrick Perkins is now in jail, accused of illegally disposing of Millard’s body, obstruction of justice, and failure to seek assistance.

Arrest warrants were issued Thursday, March 23, for two accused prostitutes in the case.

33-year-old Tabbetha Lee Barner and 27-year-old Tiffany Ann Guidry are both charged with Prostitution and Failure to Seek Assistance. Guidry is also charged with Unlawful Disposal of Remains.

The new warrants follow a similar timeline to what police have previously said. That is that Millard left Happy’s Pub on Third Street and walked to the Greyhound Bus Station on Florida Boulevard. A Greyhound employee who tried to help Millard says the businessman said he was “looking for a girl to take back to his room.”

The warrant states a man at the Greyhound bus station then took Millard to meet Perkins.

Perkins allegedly introduced Millard to a Black prostitute but Millard told him he wanted a white prostitute instead, the warrants claim. At that point, Perkins says he found two white prostitutes for the businessman.

Perkins told police that Millard and others went to a home where they began using drugs intravenously.

Perkins said he left Millard with the women and went to the store. He says when he returned, Millard was dead.

The warrant says Perkins told police he tried to perform CPR on Millard but it was too late.

Police warrant signed on Sunday, March 19, added further clarity to the time spent between Nathan Millard & Derrick Perkins in the hours leading up to his death.

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