Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

The 84-year-old Missouri man accused of shooting Kansas City teenager Ralph Yarl after the youth mistakenly came to his door to pick up his siblings has posted bond and was released from jail, records updated Tuesday afternoon show.

Andrew Lester was charged Monday with first-degree assault and armed criminal action in Clay County. Bond was set at $200,000 and Lester is prohibiting from having weapons of any type, court records said. He only had to pay 10% of that.

Just after 1 p.m. Tuesday, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office said Lester had surrendered and was in the process of being booked in.

According to VINELink, a custody database, Lester bonded out Tuesday afternoon.

On Thursday, Yarl had knocked on the wrong door when he went to pick up his twin brothers.

Court documents said Lester answered the door holding a gun and shot the 16-year-old twice, striking his head and right arm. The Staley High School junior sought help at three homes before someone assisted him, family members said.

Police responded to the shooting and Lester was taken into custody. He was released within two hours with no charges filed.

Over the weekend, the shooting received national attention as celebrities and politicians called for racial justice and gun reform.

When Clay County Prosecutor Zachary Thompson announced the charges Monday, he was asked if race was a factor and said yes, but declined to elaborate.

Yarl’s father said his son had been released from the hospital and was recovering at home.

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden said on social media, “No parent should have to worry that their kid will be shot after ringing the wrong doorbell. We’ve got to keep up the fight against gun violence. And Ralph, we’ll see you in the Oval once you feel better.”

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