Tue. Jun 25th, 2024

A 30-year-old Florida woman was killed at her workplace in Williston by her child’s father who was later killed himself, The Williston Police Department confirmed.

According to the police department, Jonathon Segar died in Georgia on Monday night while authorities were searching for him in connection to the death of Ariel Griffin.

According to the Williston Police Department, a shooting occurred at Monterey Boats on North Main Street in Williston around 5 a.m. Employees called 911 to report a woman had been shot.

EMS crews performed live-saving treatment but it was not able to save Griffin.

Officers said Segar left the county after the shooting. They said they have probable cause to arrest Segar for premeditated first-degree murder and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Segar’s vehicle was spotted in Dooly County, Georgia by sheriff’s deputies. They pursued Segars vehicle and Segar fired shots at the deputies.

The vehicle crashed. As deputies approached the vehicle, a single gunshot was heard from inside the vehicle. Segar was found dead.

No law enforcement officers were hurt.

Segar was previously in a relationship with Griffin and they have one child together.

On Monday evening, the Williston Police Department posted an update on Facebook. It states, “With the dedicated support of other law enforcement agencies the suspect has been located and is no longer a threat to the public and the victim’s family.”

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