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A Louisiana man known as a social media influencer was arrested for allegedly hitting another man in the head, leaving him “unconscious and unresponsive.”

The Baker Police Department said 37-year-old Clarence Yarbrough, also known as “Messie Cee” is charged with domestic abuse battery and aggravated second-degree battery.

He was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

According to police, officers were dispatched to an apartment on Seville Avenue on Sunday in reference to a male who was unresponsive as the result of a fight.

Police said Yarbrough was seen outside in the road, flagging them down for assistance, and stated that an unresponsive male was inside the apartment.

When officers entered the home, they observed droplets of blood and clay scattered across the floor, indicating a fight took place.

Police said the victim was found lying face down in a pool of blood around the head area.

According to an arrest warrant, officers made several attempts to get a response from the victim by physically shaking him and using loud verbal commands, but the victim was still unresponsive.

Police then attempted to get a natural response by flashing a flashlight into the eyes of the victim. The victim’s eyes twitched, and officers were able to call emergency responders to speed up the response because the extent of the injuries was unknown at the time, the document added.

When emergency responders arrived, they were able to administer aid and get the victim to sit up. When the victim sat up, there was a gash around two to three inches long and one inch or greater in width continuously bleeding, officers added.

Officials said they retrieved the knife believed to have been used to flatten the victim’s tires and a vase that Yarbrough allegedly used to hit him.

According to investigators, Yarbrough told officers that the victim was attempting to leave the home, placing clothes and other items in a vehicle that the two shared, when they got into an argument. Yarbrough said he then proceeded to flatten all four tires on the vehicle, the arrest warrant stated.

The accused’s justification for flattening the tires was that the victim was “too drunk to drive and shouldn’t have been on the roadway,” according to the arrest warrant.

Yarbrough also stated that the victim punched him in the face with a closed fist before the fight began.

Both men were taken to area hospitals with minor injuries, officials said.

Police noted Yarbrough had previously been arrested in August of 2022 on battery of a dating partner and child endangerment charges.

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