Tue. May 28th, 2024

A 34-year-old woman is accused of setting a Nevada home on fire earlier this year after having a disparagement with a man she was dating.

Tarica Brown is facing charges that include first-degree arson, willful killing of an animal, residential burglary and domestic battery.

The incident happened at a home in Las Vegas on April 24. Authorities said she was arrested on July 10 thanks to a tip that came in after she left town.

Police said the situation started because Brown’s boyfriend wasn’t answering his phone.

According to authorities, Brown confessed to setting the fire intentionally in the early morning hours in an upstairs bedroom because she was angry at the man she was in a relationship with.

The 34-year-old reportedly told police that she went to the house to confront her boyfriend because he was not answering his phone after they had had an argument earlier that day.

An arrest report stated that Brown initially was going to do damage to the man’s car but changed her mind after arriving at the house.

Police said she unlawfully entered the home, went upstairs, and intentionally set fire to clothes in a bedroom which led to the property catching fire.

Brown also admitted she knew a family cat was in the house when she set the fire. First responders said the cat was found dead at the scene.

According to police, Brown has previously been accused of trespassing 47 times along with a pending DUI case.

Her next court appearance is scheduled for August 17.

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