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A 36-year-old Indiana woman has been found guilty of murdering her husband, chopping him up with an axe and then asking her children to help dispose of the body.

On Thursday, a jury found Thessalonica Allen guilty of eight counts including murder, abuse of a corpse, neglect of a dependent and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Previous reports detail that Allen was originally arrested in July 2021 after she allegedly shot and killed her husband, Randy Allen.

Randy Allen had reportedly been helping the two teenage children with homework on July 27, 2021 when he noticed a website he believed their mother had visited. Randy Allen confronted his wife about the site leading to an argument. The children told investigators they then heard a loud bang come from the bedroom.

According to a later autopsy, Thessalonica Allen shot her husband with a gun and the bullet entered his arm and penetrated the right side of his body. The bullet is believed to have struck his spinal cord, leaving him unable to move and causing Randy Allen to bleed out.

The teenagers later told police that their mother instructed them to ignore Randy Allen as he laid on the floor and asked for them to call 911. After he died, Thessalonica Allen reportedly stuffed her husband’s body in her daughter’s closet.

Previous reports state that Thessalonica Allen used an axe to cut off Randy Allen’s legs the following day after failing to cram his body into a plastic tote. She also reportedly recruited her children, asking them to try and help move the body and to help her put body parts of Randy Allen into bags.

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The police were eventually notified about the murder after Thessalonica Allen called her ex-partner, whom she shared a child with, to come over to the home. Thessalonica Allen reportedly showed him the body and asked her ex to help her move it. The ex refused and later called police.

Police reported finding a handwritten note in the apartment during a later search that revealed a list of tasks to dispose of the body that included:

  • Spray s— in face, hit him in right knee w/ hammer
  • Hit w/hammer/stab him
  • Roll body up in sheets & plastic bags

Thessalonica Allen is scheduled to be sentenced on Sept. 29. She faces between 45 and 60 years on her murder conviction.

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