Thu. May 23rd, 2024

A Louisiana woman was arrested for stabbing her grandfather following an argument about her hygiene habits, according to reports.

According to the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office (CPSO), the altercation began when 22-year-old Carrington Harris got into a verbal disagreement with her grandparents after they asked her to shower.

Harris began damaging property inside the house and then turned the power off from outside.

Detectives with CPSO said while the grandparents were trying to restrain Harris, she escaped to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, which she used to stab her grandfather in the face.

After stabbing him, Harris ran into the woods.

She was located a few hours later, hiding behind a nearby house.

Harris was arrested and charged with one count each of domestic abuse battery and domestic abuse battery with a dangerous weapon. She is currently booked into the Caddo Correctional Center with no bond.

Caddo Parish Fire District 6 transported Harris’ grandfather to Willis Knighton South. His condition is currently unknown.

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By Buffy Gunner

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