Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Miami-Dade police in Florida arrested a suspect Monday who they said was involved in a shooting that allegedly resulted from a love triangle between a man and two women.

The man’s girlfriend, who police identified in an arrest report as 23-year-old Abigail Caridad Uranga and ex-girlfriend got into a dispute early Monday morning at a home in the 1700 block of Northwest 58th Street, near Miami-Dade County’s West Little River area.

Police said they received a ShotSpotter notification about 17 rounds being fired in the area. Police said Uranga fired at the victim’s car following a verbal altercation between the trio.

“My daughter — she came down to get money from her son’s father, and she said when she came down to get money from her son’s father, as she was leaving, getting into her vehicle, the girl stood behind her car and shot up her car,” the victim’s mother said on Monday.

No injuries were reported in the shooting.

According to the suspect’s arrest report, the ex-girlfriend told police that she observed an unknown man exiting the residence in possession of a “peanut butter-colored Glock,” which caused her to be in fear.

Police said the victim also told detectives that the unknown male pointed the victim at her face and was waving the gun around in a threatening manner, which is when she decided to leave.

According to detectives, as the ex-girlfriend attempted to drive away from the home, she looked back in her rear-view mirror and saw Uranga exiting the residence.

While standing in the middle of the roadway with the gun, Uranga began firing several rounds in her direction “with a disregard for public safety,” according to police.

Authorities said the ex-girlfriend’s vehicle was struck several times and following the shooting, Uranga barricaded herself inside the home.

About 10 people could be seen exiting the home, including men, women and a child. Some walked backwards to police with their hands up.

Police placed some in handcuffs and confirmed detectives were interviewing the alleged shooter, along with her boyfriend and the man’s ex-girlfriend.

The victim’s mother said she is just grateful her daughter is OK.

“Yeah, she was scared — she was scared for her life,” the mother said.

According to detectives, after transporting Uranga to Miami-Dade’s Northside police station, she invoked her rights to remain silent and was read her Miranda Rights.

Jail records show she was booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center around 7 p.m. Monday, where she is being held without bond.

Uranga is facing two counts of premeditated attempted murder and one count of shooting or throwing a deadly missile.

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