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More than three years after the shooting death of a 5-year-old Texas boy in Houston, felony murder charges have been filed against a 25-year-old woman, according to reports.

Alexis Moshae Gore is the second woman to be charged in Jordan Allen Jr.’s 2020 death. Shapree Monique Stoneham was arrested and charged with felony murder back in 2021.

According to charging documents, Gore is the one who fired the deadly shots. She was arrested and booked into the Harris County Jail on Wednesday.

The shooting happened on March 31, 2020 at 8155 Richmond Avenue near Dunvale.

HPD said a family was sitting on the porch on the second floor balcony, making TikTok videos and enjoying their night together, when they heard five to six gunshots in the parking lot.

Jordan, known to his family as “Baby J,” was hit by a stray bullet.

A witness reportedly saw a dark-colored, four-door passenger vehicle speed away.

Jordan was rushed to the hospital, where he was taken off life support three days later.

The witness told investigators there had been a fight at the complex earlier in the night between one woman and a second woman, who is friends with Jordan’s father. The witness claimed the fight also involved a man, who was another friend of Jordan’s dad.

The witness also said she believed the vehicle that the shots were fired from was the same vehicle associated with the people involved in the fight.

About a week after the shooting, Stoneham, Gore, and a third woman were identified as persons of interest and HPD released their photos to the public.

Stoneham was arrested more than a year after Jordan’s death. Police initially said she was the shooter, but in a later court appearance, prosecutors accused her of being the driver of the vehicle. The newest court documents in the case identify Gore as the shooter.

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