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A 34-year-old Louisiana woman accused of throwing her sons into Cross Lake in 2021, killing her 10-month-old and injuring his older brother in Louisiana, was found guilty Wednesday.

The trial began on Monday in Caddo District Court.

Ureka Rochelle Black served as her own advocate in the trial.

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Black was found guilty of murder and attempted murder for throwing her sons Joshua and Elijah off the Cross Lake bridge in September of 2021.

Court still awaiting sanity report on mother accused of throwing kids into Cross Lake
Joshua drowned, but first responders were able to rescue Elijah.

He identified his mother as their assailant, and she was apprehended at a rest stop in Texas near the Louisiana border.

Black faces a mandatory life term in prison. She was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorneys Jason Waltman, Christopher Bowman, and Kendra Joseph.

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