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A 63-year-old Illinois man is charged for the murder of a woman found strangled in a Chicago garage Monday, Chicago police said.

Lawrence Boyle is charged with the murder of Sierra Jamison and expected to appear in court Friday.

Jamison’s mother found her about 7:30 p.m. in a garage outside the home she had been renting in the 7800-block of South Indiana Avenue, which she shared with her 6-year-old son.

Her mother said her daughter had just celebrated her 30th birthday and was working as a phlebotomist. She was ambitious, and about to start nursing school, her family said.

Jamison’s mother said she was renting the home from a former co-worker and was looking to move.

Jamison’s family was in the home Monday evening, but she never made it in the house.

Boyle was someone Jamison knew, according to her aunt Sadina Jameson.

“This is someone she was comfortable around. This is someone she trusted so she had no reason to fear,” she said.

Prosecutors said Boyle was waiting inside the garage.

At first, the machine worker at a cup manufacturing plant said he thought Jamison had a gun, but when he realized she didn’t, he continued to strangle her until she went limp. He took her cell phone and then covered her body with a green tarp.

Jamison’s brother saw Boyle leaving the garage after she had parked her Jeep, according to prosecutors. He told her brother that Jamison threw her cell phone at him and then went to the store. A short time later, Jamison’s mother went to the garage and found her daughter under the tarp.

Assistant State’s Attorney Anne McCord Rodgers told the judge, “He used his two hands to suffocate the life out of someone he was in a dating relationship with.”

Prosecutors said Boyle admitted to his ex-wife and police to strangling Jamison. The judge ordered he be detained.

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