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An Alabama man was sentenced to 220 years in prison Wednesday for 15 counts of sex abuse against a child in Fort Payne, according to court records.

Travis Eugene Wolfe was sentenced to 220 years in the Alabama Department of Corrections by Circuit Court Judge Shaunathan Bell during a sentencing hearing on September 20.

Wolfe was sentenced on 15 counts including:

20 years in each count for two counts of Second-Degree Rape
20 years in each count for four counts of Second-Degree Sodomy
20 years for one count of Sexual Extortion
10 years for one count of Luring a Child Someplace in Order to Perform or to Propose Sexual Acts
10 years for one charge of First Degree Sexual Abuse
10 years in each of six counts of Second Degree Sexual Abuse.

Wolfe was originally indicted on sex abuse charges in 2020 and convicted on the 15 counts in June.

Bell’s sentencing order said that Wolfe will serve the total 220-year sentence consecutively. Bell also said in his order that he felt the victim of the case should be assured that her cries for help were heard by the court.

“However, the victim in this case should be assured that her cry for help did not go ignored by this court,” Bell said in the order, “and her cry for help bearing the burden of this abuse will not and has not been unheard by her creator.”

DeKalb County District Attorney Summer Summerford said she is happy that the maximum sentence was set down in this case as she feels it sets an example.

“We are thankful for the maximum sentences passed down in these cases,” the DA said. “This should serve as an example and warning to child predators that sexual crimes against children will not be tolerated within our community. Justice was served thanks to the courage and bravery of the victim and her family, as well as the efforts of law enforcement.”

Summerford said the case was a collaboration between officers with the Fort Payne Police Department, the DeKalb County Department of Human Resources, the DeKalb County Children’s Advocacy Center, and the 9th Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office.

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