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An Oregon mother was given a 30-day jail sentence after prosecutors claim that during an incident in 2021, she waterboarded her child and placed him in the freezer as a test to see whether the father would take any notice.

On October 28, 2021, police were called to Sharday McDonald’s apartment in Gresham to check on her welfare after hearing a tip that the mother had put her infant in the freezer, according to court documents. McDonald, 30, pleaded guilty to counts of criminal mistreatment, ID theft, and tampering with a witness.

The mother could be heard screaming at the child’s father, Kendrick Neal, as the policeman stood outside McDonald’s apartment, “I’m about to show you real quick. You don’t want him? Let me show you about this little f—-ng baby, I don’t f—-ng give f–k about,” the probable cause document reads.

The woman received a 30-day jail sentence on Tuesday. The Multnomah County Detention Center’s records show that McDonald will be released on October 6. On July 28, she entered a guilty plea to the charges.

The infant was spotted being held by McDonald when he opened the door, according to the prosecution.

McDonald is accused of telling the policeman that she didn’t put her baby in the freezer or drown him in an effort to hurt or kill him. Additionally, there were images of McDonald waterboarding the child.

According to the officer, the pictures show McDonald holding the baby “by his onesie” and waterboarding him.

“It looked like [the baby] was trying to hold his breath while water was pouring over his face…,” the officer said of the pictures.

In one picture seen by the officer prior to the arrest, McDonald “was holding [the baby] by the onesie but at a downward angel, where his hip, legs and feet were higher than his head (almost upside down) with water running over hi.s face. The only place the water could go (in that picture) was in his nose (at that angle).”

While the officer was taking McDonald to jail, she said that her actions were done as a “test” to see if Neal “gave a f–k at all,” adding she waterboarded her baby to try and make Neal come back to her apartment. She allegedly admitted her actions were done “out of spite.”

The infant was likely unable to breathe, according to a doctor who spoke with the prosecution, and the incident may have had fatal repercussions.

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