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Romeoville police identified two persons of interest Wednesday after an Illinois family was found shot to death in their home over the weekend.

Nathaniel Huey Jr. and a woman with a relationship to Huey were identified as being involved in the incident during a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

The woman was reported by family as missing from Streamwood Tuesday night, police said.

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On Wednesday morning, Catoosa, Oklahoma officials were alerted to a vehicle in their jurisdiction that matched a description and license plate of the suspects’ vehicle.

During an attempted traffic stop, the vehicle drove away and crashed, police said.

The vehicle caught fire, and officers believed they heard two gunshots.

A woman was found in the passenger seat with a gunshot wound, police said. She was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

A man was found dead with a gunshot wound in the driver’s seat. Romeoville police said they believe the man to be Huey.

The two involved in the car crash have not yet been identified.

Police believe they know a motive behind the fatal shootings, but have not yet publicly released it.

Romeoville police, Oklahoma State Police and Catoosa police are all investigating the incident.

Police said there is no reason to believe there are other suspects.

The Romeoville murders were not a random act, police said. The four victims were found in their home in Romeoville on Concord Avenue just off Independence Boulevard.

Police said Sunday night while conducting a well-being check they found the four victims dead inside their home on Concord Avenue in Romeoville’s Hampton Park subdivision.

The Will County coroner identified the deceased adults as 38-year-old Alberto Rolon and 32-year-old Zoraida Bartolomei.

Authorities have not named the couple’s two sons, who neighbors said were around 7 and 9 years old. The family’s three dogs were also gunned down.

Neighbors said they were a hard-working family who just moved into the home in April.

“Like a close knit family as far as I could tell, and they just stayed to themselves,” a neighbor said. “Had outings in their backyard a lot of times with just family. And both of them worked. She worked days, and he worked nights, so they just crossed paths on the way.”

Some details from a 2019 bankruptcy filing about the married couple were released.

According to the court filing, Rolon and Bartolomei said they were both employed. Rolon worked with a spirits, wine and beer distributor out of Aurora, while Bartolomei said she worked in quality control for a manufacturing plant in Lombard.

At the time, the couple said they owned no firearms, and their largest debts included student loans totaling more than $26,000.

With few answers publicly known, one of the victims’ relatives took to social media, pleading for the community’s help.

“Please contact police if you know or see anything,” one of the victims’ siblings wrote. “I want to know what happened to my nephews, my sister, her husband, and WHY?”

Neighbors were confused how no one heard any gunshots.

“My niece, her bedroom is right there by the driveway,” the neighbor said. “And she didn’t hear anything. And she’s got two little dogs and one of them if it hears anything, it will bark and nothing.”

Police said the victims were killed sometime between Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

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