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A 10-year-old Alabama boy was taken to UAB Children’s Hospital after being shot while trying to protect his mother in what police are calling a murder-suicide in Sheffield, according to reports.

Sheffield Police Chief Ricky Terry said officers were called to a report of a child being shot around 9:00 p.m. Sunday at Park Place Apartments.

When they arrived on scene, officers entered an apartment and found two people dead from gunshot wounds in the living room. Chief Terry identified the two as 38-year-old Ashley Lynn McClung and 40-year-old Adam Christopher Narmore. He said the two were dating.

According to Chief Terry, the two were in an argument when Narmore shot McClung with a .410 shotgun. During the altercation, Chief Terry said McClung’s 10-year-old son tried to protect her and was shot in the face and arm.

Investigators said Narmore turned the gun on himself and died by suicide.

Neighbors said the 10-year-old walked across the hall to ask for help. A neighbor, who is a police officer, called 911.

Chief Terry said officers applied a tourniquet to the boy to slow down the bleeding from his wounds. He was awake and talking to officers before being taken to Hellen Keller Hospital. He was later flown to U.A.B. Children’s Hospital, where Chief Terry said the boy is supposed to have surgery on Monday. A Sheffield police officer said the boy may lose his hand due to his injuries.

McClung’s coworkers and friends said they were devastated when they heard the news. They said they could not even believe it.

“She was great to work with,” they said. “We’re devastated. She was bright. I mean, she was fun to work with. There was never a dull moment. She kept everyone laughing. Her son was her main priority.”

New Bethel Elementary School principal Nathan Fuller provided the following statement about his student:

“Cayson McClung is a student at New Bethel Elementary School. He is currently hospitalized at Children’s in Birmingham. I cannot give any updates on his condition or the situation. However, I can say that he is a courageous and brave young man and an outstanding kid. New Bethel Elementary is truly a family, and our family is hurting today. Our school and community are pouring out prayers for all of those hurting today and rallying to provide support for Cayson. We love Cayson and look forward to his return to New Bethel and will continue to pray until that day comes.”

A manager at the apartment complex said McClung had only been living there for around two weeks and that Narmore’s name was not on the lease. He said no residents made any complaints about hearing the gun shots. The police were only called after Cayson walked across the hall to get help. McClung’s coworkers and friends said they are not surprised he was courageous enough to step in front of the gun.

“He was sweet, very sweet,” they said. “He loved his momma. I mean he would come here and just sit with her. He was bright. He was just all about his momma. All about his momma.”

Court documents obtained show Narmore was arrested for Domestic Violence 3rd in August after McClung filed a report with the Colbert County Sheriff’s Office. The criminal complaint says Narmore allegedly “consumed lots of alcohol” and hit McClung several times. It also says McClung dragged her by the hair and threatened to shoot her if she sent anyone to his home. Narmore denied knowing anything about it when deputies showed up to talk to him.

Court records show Narmore pleaded not guilty to the domestic violence charge. A bench trial was scheduled for December.

Chief Terry said McClung and Narmore’s bodies are being sent to forensics for an autopsy.

He added that the investigation is ongoing.

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