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An Indiana man was handed the maximum sentence of 240 years behind bars on Wednesday for fatally shooting his wife and a bystander — and injuring a third person — at a gas station last year, according to reports .

Cherok Ameer Douglass was convicted of two murder charges in August, with one count each of attempted murder and robbery resulting in serious bodily injury.

The that defense attorneys asked for Douglas to receive the minimum sentence of 131 years in prison.

Douglass shot his wife, 38-year-old Brandee Kay Douglass and a bystander, 43-year-old Lorin M. Yelle, in April 2022, according to prosecutors. He then held the owner of a nearby restaurant hostage — who was injured falling from his vehicle — during a police pursuit, per the outlet.

He was shot by police and arrested.

Floyd Superior Court Judge Carrie Stiller called Douglass’ crime “the worst of the worst.”

He expressed his regret to the relatives of those he killed but said he would challenge the jury’s decision and appeal, per the outlet.

“I still don’t remember what happened that night,” Douglass said upon sentencing.

Court documents revealed Douglass was under the influence of methamphetamine and heroin when he was arrested.

Douglass will face another trial for a battery charge involving an alleged attack that occurred while he was in jail awaiting this trial. Court records showed he assaulted a man in the shower using a sock filled with soap bars and a razor blade.

Defense attorneys said that Douglass was not in his right mind when he shot his wife and the other victims. They claimed he “snapped” out of fear that Brandee was cheating on him. Arguing the crime wasn’t premeditated, Douglass’ attorneys said he regretted his actions, stating, “I’ve just killed the woman I love.”

Brittany Linne, one of Brandee’s many friends to attend Douglass’ trial, said in July “It makes me sick to my stomach to know what he did.”

“He didn’t have to go to that extreme,” she added. “They could have just left, walked away. I’m here for her. I want the maximum justice served.”

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