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Police arrested a Nevada woman after she admitted to poisoning her roommate’s water, causing the roommate and her two-year-old child to become sick, documents from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said.

On Wednesday, Sept. 27 at around 10 p.m., police were called to an apartment in the 2300 block of Rock Springs Drive near West Lake Mead Boulevard and U.S. 95. after a woman called 911 alleging that her roommate “put an unknown substance in her and her child’s food or water.”

When officers arrived, the victim told police that she refilled her four 5-gallon water bottles and brought them home to her apartment on Monday.

She told police that she and her 2-year-old child were drinking the water and had diarrhea, an upset stomach, and vomiting since Monday, the report stated.

The victim thought that it was food she ate or a sickness spread around. On Wednesday, she was looking through her food and water in the kitchen she shared with her roommate and “noticed a weird substance inside” her water jugs, according to the report.

She thought it was her roommate, whom she identified as 20-year-old Silua Lualemaga, who may have tampered with it. The victim brought a jug to the officers, who saw a substance in the water “that looked consistent with oil.”

When officers told Lualemaga that they were at the apartment because of someone tampering with the victim’s food or water, Lualemaga “smiled and laughed a little,” before telling police that “nothing was done to the food,” the report stated.

Officers asked Lualemaga if anything was done to the water. She told them that “yes, she put oil in the water,” according to the report.

Lualemaga told police that she added extra virgin olive oil to the victim’s water because “she was upset with petty arguments they had been having at work and home,” the report stated. She told police that she added the oil around a month ago.

The report stated that she added about a teaspoon of oil to the water.

Lualemaga faces two charges of willfully poisoning or adulterating food, water, or medicine. Her initial court appearance was scheduled for Sept. 29.

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