Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Cory Bigsby, the man accused of killing his 4-year-old son Codi, confessed to burying his son’s body after finding him unresponsive, Hampton Roads Regional Jail officers testified in court on Wednesday.

The first officer testified during Wednesday’s hearing that Bigsby asked for him to write down a confession letter. The officer says Bigsby confessed that he found Codi unresponsive and tried to give him CPR several times. When he realized Codi wasn’t going to make it, he said he placed the child’s body in a trash bag and left it in his car for three days before burying it, the officer testified.

This all happened sometime in June 2021, months before Codi was reported missing, according to court documents.

A second HRRJ officer, the nightshift supervisor, then had Bigsby write his own confession letter and sign it, according to testimony.

The judge also ruled on Wednesday that another one of Bigsby’s children, a 6-year-old, can testify via video at trial.

The body of Codi Bigsby, who was first reported missing in January 2022, has never been found despite numerous searches. Cory Bigsby faces charges of murder and concealment of a dead body in the case, and numerous other charges related to reportedly leaving his young children home alone.

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