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Three people have been charged with beating and stabbing a woman to earlier this month in south suburban Riverdale, Illinois, and burning her body beyond recognition in a dispute over money.

29-year-old Danielle Banks was found dead in the street around 3 a.m. on December 9, following a call about a fire.

Three people have now been charged with beating and stabbing her to death, and setting her body on fire.

30-year-old Scotty Jobe-Scott, 55-year-old Keith Bassett, and 39-year-old Latoya Laramore-Milons, each face one felony count of first-degree murder.

In court filings seeking to have all three detained ahead of trial, Cook County prosecutors said the three killed Banks over money. Her father said he was told his daughter was killed over $65 she owed her killers.

Cook County prosecutors said the three defendants stabbed Danielle, beat her until her eye was falling out of the socket, then burned her body until it was not identifiable. Laramore-Milons had the song “Killing the Rats” on her phone, and prosecutors said three defendants played that music to cover the sounds of Danielle’s screams of agony.

Prosecutors said Laramore-Milons also researched “murder and burned body” on her phone before killing Danielle.

After her body was found, Riverdale police released photos of a watch she was wearing, and described a tattoo, because it was so difficult to identify her that they needed help.

“Her murderers? We know they are in custody. That right there was a real, really privilege to us,” said Danielle’s father, Ray Banks. “Danielle, she was a lively, spiffy, lovely young lady. She loved to sing. She loved to dance.”

Family members say they don’t know or recognize any of the three people charged with killing Danielle, who he said had been caught up in drugs.

“When she decided to live that life that’s when things got bad,” he said. “I know what that life is like. She would call me every other day and tell me what’s going on.”

He’s been helping those with addiction for more than 35 years, after recovering himself. He said he tried to get his daughter the help she needed, but she thought she could quit on her own. Now he hopes speaking out helps someone else.

“If you’re involved with drugs? There’s places that can help you. There’s rehab centers that will take you in for free,” he said.

All three people charged with killing Danielle have been ordered detained until trial, and were due back in court on Jan. 3.

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